What happened

On November 6 (GMT), hackers used the dydx flashloan to launch an attack on Cheese Bank, resulting in a loss of more than $3.3 million.The hacker transferred 1 ETH on the anonymous platform for the initial handling fee. By calling dydx’s flashloan contract, the hacker borrowed 21000 ETH, and used 50 ETH to purchase 107232 Cheese in Uniswap. 107232 Cheese and 78.8 ETH were added into the Uniswap liquidity pool to obtain Cheese-ETH UNI LP tokens, and all of them were deposited into Cheese Bank. After this operation, hackers continued to use 20000 ETH to attack the Cheese token price…

Dear users,

Cheese Bank will launch UNI_ V2-ETH-USDC asset pool at 9:00 a.m.(GMT) on October 19, users can deposit to obtain the revenue of supply APY and staking APY(deposit). Users can also enable the UNI_ V2-ETH-USDC as collateral for lending, the maximum loan to Value (LTV) is 87.5%. Users should be careful about the borrow limited, which may subject the asset to being seized in liquidation.

Cheese Bank October 19th

After 15 days of initial yield-farming stage, Cheese Bank deeply appreciate the enthusiasm of the community and the attention, recognition of all parties.

Up to now, the maximum TVL on Cheese Bank contract has reached 13 million US dollars.

With your support and expectations, Cheese Bank will continue to deeply implement the DeFi concept of “decentralization and autonomy”, and keep on building an innovative lending platform for investors with higher asset utilization, more freedom and further decentralization — On October 15, 2020, Cheese Bank Lending Protocol 2.0 version was officially launched.

1.Launch the lending service

The Cheese Lending Protocol 2.0 version will officially launch…

#imToken# #6322 我们正在完善CHEESE 在 imToken 中的代币相关资料。完成后,大家可以在 imToken 里看到 logo,更方便地管理CHEESE,同时能看到更多代币信息。

#imToken #6322 We are providing CHEESE token’s information on imToken. After completion, you can see the logo and full information inside imToken’s Token Manager.

Preface:Cheese Bank,Cheese for everyone in DeFi.

So far, the decentralized technology has almost realized the ideal of “code as law” based on the concept of open and inclusive, the characteristic of transparency, openness, censorship, and unforgeability. Innovative protocols such as Maker Dao, Compound, AAVE, UniSwap have brought countless investment feast for the pioneers in this field. …

Cheese Bank

Cheese for everyone!A autonomous digital bank based on a decentralized protocol on Ethereum. Innovative defi-lending service will be launched as the first step.

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